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This Deepavali Chocolate Gift Set consists of 4 pieces of our favorite Shweets Handmade Chocolate Bar in a mix of 4 unique flavors:  Each bar is custom made with Deepavali Greetings as a perfect moment for that joyous moment. There are 4 designs included in the Gift Set and each one is unique.  Gift Box dimension : 14cm x 27cm Chocolate Bar Dimensions: 12cm L x 6cm W Contents of gift box: 4 x 45g of Shweets assorted flavor chocolate bars wrapped in foil with 4 distinct Deepavali themed paper label. These are high quality handmade Malaysian Chocolates and has received Halal Certification from Jakim Malaysia Flavors : There are 4 assorted flavors of the chocolates in the gift set which may include any of the followings : Buttercrunch Toffee – Creamy buttery caramel toffee crunch in milk chocolate Oreo– Crunchy oreo bits in white chocolate. Berry Crunch– Sour raspberry crunch in white chocolate Honeycomb– Crunchy honeycomb and rice crispies in milk chocolate Raspberry– Raisin and dried Strawberry in milk chocolate Mint Crunch– Fresh mint crunch in dark chocolate Shipping Note: All Chocolates will be wrapped in foil foam for delivery to prevent it from the heat in our tropical weather.

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