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DESCRIPTION: KEY FEATURES - This vibrantly illustrated Lift and Learn puzzle is the perfect educational color puzzle for both BOYS and GIRLS ages 3 and up. This preschool puzzle has three translucent colored characters that your little one can move around the color wheel to make endless color combinations! The colored pieces around the web can be lifted off to reveal whether colors are primary or secondary. The puzzle also reveals which colors need to be mixed to create secondary colors. THE SPECS: Feature a wood-like grain finish with raised pieces for little preschool hands. This puzzle measures 15” x 11” EDUCATIONAL BENEFITS – Builds tactile, motor, thinking, and learning skills. Introduces the concept of primary and secondary colors, hues, and color mixing. SUPPORTS DEVELOPMENTAL SKILLS – Improves FINE-MOTOR SKILLS and HAND-EYE COORDINATION. Helps develop COGNITIVE abilities by encouraging your child to focus and problem-solve. Fosters visual and tactile SENSORY play. Creates a SOCIAL learning environment to aid LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT. SAFETY - All Learning Journey products are regularly safety tested and in compliance with all domestic and international toy safety regulations. AWARD-WINNING PRODUCTS – Fun fact: The Learning Journey has an extensive line of Award-Winning Educational Toys that have been tested by the most important panel of judges… kids! I have tried self-service and it does not update after a day, a week, a month. -CLOCK PUZZLE LEARN ABOUT CLOCKS & TELLING THE TIME – The Lift & Learn Clock Puzzle teaches children how the clock works and introduces the concept of telling the time in a fun, exploratory way. BOOST CONFIDENCE – Shaped puzzle pieces help children to become familiar with the clock and understand how it works more quickly, boosting confidence and encouraging them to move on to more difficult tasks. BUILD CONCENTRATION & FOCUS – Completing the puzzle requires focus, but the easy lift and place style of the puzzle means that children can build their focus up in a gradual way and feel rewarded so that they are motivated to continue. DEVELOP PROBLEM-SOLVING SKILLS – Whether the child is placing the correct puzzle pieces in the correct spaces or exploring the learning opportunities of the puzzle, they are developing valuable problem-solving skills that will help them in other areas of their learning journey. DEVELOP HAND-EYE COORDINATION – Developing hand-eye coordination becomes easier with practice – as your child becomes familiar with the puzzle and completes it more quickly they will be developing important motor skills and hand-eye coordination. -COLORS & SHAPES KEY FEATURES – The Lift & Learn – Colors & Shapes consist of 16 pieces to teach colors and shapes and spelling. Brightly colored objects make it interesting for little ones to find homes for each puzzle piece and the raised textures make it easy to grab for little hands. Measures 36” long x .10” wide x 24” high, weighs 1.72 lbs.

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