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DINO KEY FEATURES - These four vibrantly illustrated puzzles are perfect for toddler hands to manipulate and are great for both BOYS and GIRLS ages 2 and up. This set includes one 2-piece puzzle, one 4-piece puzzle, one 6-piece puzzle, and one 8-piece puzzle. These progressive puzzles are designed to introduce problem-solving and boost early communication skills. The increased number of pieces per puzzle challenges little minds. Complete the final 8-piece puzzle and discover all the Dino friends in one mega-saurus scene! Thick, durable cardboard construction—20 pieces total. EDUCATIONAL BENEFITS – Builds tactile, motor, thinking, and learning skills. Introduces color, shape, and object recognition. Builds confidence and boosts self-esteem by providing a sense of achievement. Introduces children to the world around them. Each puzzle measures approx. 12.5” x 8.5.” SUPPORTS DEVELOPMENTAL SKILLS – Improves FINE MOTOR SKILLS and HAND-EYE COORDINATION by requiring your child to fit the correct puzzle pieces together. Helps develop COGNITIVE abilities by encouraging your child to focus and problem-solve. Fosters visual and tactile SENSORY play. Creates a SOCIAL learning environment. SAFETY - All Learning Journey products are regularly safety tested and in compliance with all domestic and international toy safety regulations. AWARD-WINNING PRODUCTS – Fun fact: The Learning Journey has an extensive line of Award-Winning Educational Toys that have been tested by the most important panel of judges… kids! 4 progressive puzzles in one box Big chunky pieces for small hands Includes one 2-piece puzzle, one 4-piece puzzle, one 6-piece puzzle, and one 8-piece puzzle Develops tactile/motor skills and hand-eye coordination Durable cardboard construction -BOX OCEAN/ABC ENCOURAGE PROGRESSION OF SKILLS – The 4-In-A-Box Ocean collection gives your child a gentle but effective way of moving on to more difficult puzzles. Starting with a simple 2-piece puzzle, they can move on to try puzzles of 2, 4, 6 or 8 pieces; this puzzle set grows with your child’s ability, and the final puzzle, with 8 pieces, features all the ocean characters from the previous puzzles. IMPROVE HAND-EYE COORDINATION – Tactile pieces boost your child’s motor skills. Made from durable and robust cardboard so that they last, each jigsaw is designed to provide a gentle challenge to your child’s hand-eye co-ordination, and as they progress through the various puzzles, this ability improves further. BOOST OBJECT RECOGNITION – The fun ocean theme of each puzzle, and the challenge to find all the matching pieces helps children to improve their object recognition skills. The bright images encourage them to name the objects in each picture, boosting vocabulary. SUPER-CHARGE YOUR CHILD’S CONFIDENCE – Each completed puzzle boosts the child’s self-esteem and gives them more confidence to attempt the next one with a positive attitude. This can change how they feel about attempting other problem-solving

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