Natural AnakMisi Baby Hand Sanitizer (100ml)

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100ML AnakMisi Hand Sanitizer For 0+Months Baby ,Kids ,Adult Non Toxic


ANAKMISI hand sanitizer is designed for young children, and our ingredients are patented and contain USDA Organic approval. It can be used from babies to adults. It is naturally mild and skin-friendly without irritation, refreshing, non-greasy and without adding any alcohol. Available for vegetarians Why use a cleaning spray? It is easy to expose the breeding of various bacteria in daily life, and the baby's resistance is very fragile, so it is necessary to take care of it! 4 major plant ingredients: Thyme extract Effectively inhibit and kill bacteria, yeast and enzymes, anti-inflammatory, anti-pain, natural disinfectant. 2. Alpha-oligosaccharides (prebiotics) Protect and strengthen the skin's natural defense capabilities, nourish beneficial bacteria, eliminate harmful bacteria protection, and strengthen beneficial microorganisms for growth. Aloe Reduces allergies and antibacterial effects, reduces skin irritation and skin damage. Enhance skin immunity and moisturize the skin. 4. Chamomile Soothes and conditions sensitive skin, deeply repairs, enhances skin tolerance, hydrates and nourishes the skin. AnakMisi 免洗杀菌喷雾 100ML ANAKMISI 这款免洗清洁喷雾洗手液专为幼儿设计,而且我们采用的成分都拥有专利并且成分含USDA Organic认可。 从宝宝到成年人均可使用,天然温和亲肤无刺激,清爽不油腻更不添加任何酒精。 素食主义者均可使用 为什么要使用清洁喷雾? 在日常生活中容易露出各种细菌的滋生,宝宝的抵抗力很脆落,更要多加呵护! 4大植物成分: 1. 百里香萃取 有效抑制及杀灭细菌、酵母菌和酶菌,消炎、抗疼痛,天然消毒剂。 2. α- 葡寡糖(益生元) 保护及强化皮肤天然防御能力,滋养有益菌、淘汰有害菌保护并加强有益微生物对生长。 3. 芦荟 减少过敏及抗菌功效,减少皮肤刺激及皮肤损伤。增强皮肤免疫力,滋润肌肤。 4.洋甘菊 舒缓及调理敏感肌肤,深层修护,提升肌肤耐受力,保湿滋养肌肤。 #质量保证安全 化学药物 色素 香精 刺激 酒精 激素 含类固醇 对羟基苯甲酸酯 呵护家人远离有害病毒 ✔️天然植物配方 ✔️99.9%高效杀菌、安全无毒 ✔️大人小孩宝宝均可使用 ✔️无需冲洗,方便携带 #ANAKMISI为宝宝护航 #杀菌同时提升宝宝免疫力 #99.9%有效杀菌 #1瓶100ml只需RM29 #anakmisi免洗杀菌喷雾100ml

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