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Overseas purchasing, (8-12 days to receive the goods), please confirm the color, quantity, and address of the product. Once the product is issued, it cannot be canceled. COACH/F71794 size:40CM*29CM*11CM Before purchasing, please read the instructions carefully, and place an order to express your agreement that there are norms in the place of sale. ▷On the Source of Commodities◁ ☑Goods in stores are purchased on behalf of customers in the United States. ▷About shipment◁ ☑As for the goods, we will check carefully before shipment, please don't worry about receiving defective goods. Commodities available for normal 8-15 days ▷About after-sale◁ ☑If you receive defective products, please take photos of us as soon as possible. We will deal with them immediately after confirmation. ★About maintenance★ ①Keep dry and store in a cool and ventilated place. ②Do not expose to the sun, roast, wash, the impact of sharp objects, and contact with chemical solvents. ③Handbags without any waterproof treatment procedures, wet handbags, please use a soft cloth to dry immediately, in order to prevent stains or watermarks and wrinkles on the surface, if it rains again, please pay special attention. ④Care should be taken to protect all metal parts. Moist and salty environments can cause oxidation. ⑤When the bag is not in use, please put on a dustproof bag and keep it. Don't put it in a plastic bag, because the air in the plastic bag is not circulating, which will cause the leather to be damaged by drying. It's better to stuff some lumps in the bag to support the shape of the bag. ⑥If you put something too heavy in it, the product will easily damage or change its shape.

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