BP Shake N Take Fruit Juice Blender With 2 Bottles

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Product introduction

Product Description:
The shape of the feeding port is round.
Fuselage material: plastic;
Function: juice extraction;
Color: blue, yellow, purple, green;
500ml for one bottle;
Specifications: double knives and double cups.
Single machine single cup weight: 830 grams;

Operating steps of juice extractor:
1. Cut vegetables, fruits, herbs, etc. into lumps or flakes. Put them into cups, add an appropriate amount of water or milk as a buffer, and mix them with your own taste according to your preferences. Please remember: squeeze no more than two-thirds of the juice, and beat as little as one-half of the cup.
2. Rotate the cup with the knife head.
3. Install in the machine. (Note: There are four small openings in this area. When the cup is put in, it must rotate clockwise. Make sure that the cup and the fuselage are firmly stuck, and then plug in the power supply. )
Matters needing attention:
Hold down the fuselage switch button by hand and stop every 5 seconds. Generally, it can be finished by pressing 3-5 times. (Remember not to press for more than 10 seconds all the time, otherwise, the fuselage will be affected by too high temperature.)

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