BP Russell Taylors Belgian Waffle Maker WM-20

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Comfort eating, we’ve all done it. Sometimes, the places we go to tend to ruin our day with uncooked waffles, or condiments that just does not hurt your taste buds. As a solution, Russell Taylors Belgian Waffle Maker WM-20 is the way to go, it's non-stick, the double-sided pan will guarantee the batter is cooked. The LED indicator will let users know when to add batter and when it's cooked.

Quick and Easy Waffles from Bayers
This Russell Taylors Belgian Waffle Maker WM-20 is great for home use; it fits on the counter without taking up any space. It has an LED indicator to let the users know when is the ideal time to put in the batter and with its non-stick interior, waffles can be removed without leaving any pieces behind.
Non-Stick Ease for Crunchy Goodness

This non-stick interior also makes it easier for it to be cleaned. This dual-sided pan and its non-stick coating will cook the batter evenly. This will guarantee that your waffles are crunchy and golden. It has the familiar grid patterns with the pockets. Furthermore, there will be four easy-to-cut sections, making it easier to cut into smaller pieces.

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