BP-Digital LED Clock v 7 Colours Light Effect

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Product introduction

1, 7 Colour Changing LED Glowing in the dark, circulating transformation, make romantic atmosphere.
2, Cleverly made amiability, create excellent, put on the table, add a warm and fragrant felling doubly.
3, The time manifestation function is well-found, actually and always show, showing for ten thousand dates of calendars, the week shows.
4, Thermometer function, the solid hour`s feeling knows environment temperature.
5, Alarm clock function, 8 kinds make bell music. Defend to love to sleep function, certainly make you come to!
6, Night light function, the nighttime checks to tell time, looking for a water cup, clapping coping lightly, soft pole light would 6 bright kinds are or so, then close automatically.
7, The LED life span is super to grow, don`t need to be replaced for 10 years.
8, The LED achievement consume very low, don`t have a fever, very the province give or get an electric shock.
9, Have color light therapy of easing the pressure:Can to"inside color equilibrium feeling" creation that the human body oneself has positive of stimulating and regulate, attain to dulcify a mood, stabilize motion and alleviate pressure, cancellation the effect of the fatigue thus. For modern quick rhythm life and work, various mental disease caused by pressure has to alleviate and lend support to the function of treatment very actively.
1(red) Make body vibrant, stimulating physiology function, Promote metabolism.
2(yellow) Simulate a brain, making the brains is vivid.
3(green) The motion of the steady fluxion, be relaxed, make mood equilibrium balance.
4(blue) Strengthen intelligence and imagination, control motion, quell exasperation.
5(shallow blue) Mollify excited motion, make it fall calm, stimulate a brain, make the brains is vivid.
6(purple) Cure spiritual pain and sufferings.
7(deeply purple) Smooth pressure.
Product color: the elegance is white
Product specification: 8cm × 8cm × 8cm
Manual: English manual
Detailed Selling Lead Description
1) RoHS standard
2) Change colors of light
3) Second, minute, hour, date, month, year display (for K/H style)
4) Week display / alarm function (for K/H style)
5) LCA time display (for L/M style, with alarm and PM/AM)
6) LCA with 3 / 6 / 9 / 12 digits display (for L style)
7) One-touch control function
8) Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 8cm

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